Chocolate and Tan

Pi is wise beyond her years and therefore has naturally found herself as the matriarch of our Ween Team. Being the Queen Ween, she presides over all the comings and goings on the Ranch and revered by all the other dogs, who look to her for guidance and approval. Though she is now retired, she will continue her reign over Long Long Ranch,  for years to come. Long live the Queen.

Birthday: August 15th, 2013


Chocolate and Tan

Chip is positivity incarnate. With an open heart she joyfully accepts and admires every new creature she meets. Her outgoing attitude is contagious and puts others at ease. That is precisely why she is the resident greeter when we are introducing new friends to the pack.

Birthday: August 8th, 2016



Zora is determined, opinionated, stubborn, and feisty in ALL the right ways. Her bright spirit brings lots of vigor and excitement to the day to day here on the Ranch. Oh and she is the Night... or she likes to think so anyway. 

Birthday: December 31st, 2016



Iroh has an inherently gentle disposition that is reflected in his dewy eyes. Being a lover, not a fighter, Iroh never asserts his dominance with force. Instead, he appeals to adversity with a flirtatious buoyancy. Iroh is akin to a warm hug on four stumpy legs. 

Birthday: October 25th, 2017


Isabella and Tan

Navi is a wild little firecracker. With a presence much larger than her tiny body, she can befriend even the largest dogs and have them playing at her scale in no time. Watch out! Here she comes. 

Birthday: November 22nd, 2017


Chocolate and Tan

Spicy Boi - Yoda - Ki, was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia at the Ranch in April of 2018. A tiny runt with a strong will, he has faced many challenges in his life and done so with determination. His disabilities have not dampened his joy. He continues to be a source of inspiration to all who know him. Spicy is our resident Guru, who reminds us of so many valuable lessons every day.

Birthday: April 5th, 2018.


Black and Tan Dapple

Deku is disarmingly intelligent. This translates by way of her extremely effective communication abilities  (both verbal and nonverbal) with humans and other dogs. Full of charisma, Deku quickly won the affection of all the dogs on the Ranch. Her creative approach to play made her and Navi, inseparable friends. Even though she is still a pup, she has already accomplished great things - we are excited to be part of her journey from a seed to a tree.

Birthday: September 8th, 2018


Black and Tan Dapple

Hailing all the way from Texas, this 2-year-old dappled silver dachshund is defined by his elegance and congeniality. What's more, he's an athletic marvel! His complete disregard for physics is nothing less than astonishing as he blinks from here to there in a joyful silver flash. Bumi doesn't know the meaning of stranger danger, to him, a stranger is just a friend he hasn't met yet. 

Birthday: September 26, 2018



Full-grown at 2 years Pepper Potts weighs in just under 8lbs which makes her the tiniest ween on the Ranch.  However, don't let her small stature deceive you as Ms. Potts is far from meek. She has the spirit of a dog 3 times her size and is always ready for a ruff and tumble with her best friends Spooky and Deku. Still more, Pepper is a connoisseur of affection and never misses an opportunity to change from a solid to a liquid in your arms.  
Birthday: October 10th, 2018



Blue and Tan

This blue beau is the portrait of dignified composure. When you look into your eyes there is a starling awareness staring back at you. It came as no surprise that upon arriving at the Ranch she made fast friends with Pi, our Queen Ween. They resonate similarly on a deep maternal level that guides and nurtures the other dogs. Lyra may be blue but it's clear to us that she has a heart of gold.

Birthday: May 22, 2019


Blue (but I look totally bronze)

Spooky Midnight doesn't live up to her ominous name. Instead, she is the living embodiment of a wiggle, practically vibrates with her overabundance of love and enthusiasm.  Her licks are relentless and crack like whips as they seek their target. Her thick soft coat appears to be blue at first glance but upon closer inspection in the sunlight, you can see it is actually a gorgeous bronze. Spooky marks a milestone for Long Long Ranch being our first Ranch Raised Meep to enter into our breeding program.

Birthday: October 7th, 2019


Chocolate and Tan Dapple

Biz is an explorer. Scouting around every nook and cranny of the Ranch. If there is activity nearby, he will be the first to report it. When he is not busy checking up on the comings and goings of the neighbourhood he can be found belly up on the sofa. Forget trying to do anything with your hands other than give him affection. He simply will not allow it. 

Birthday: January 19th, 2016

Coo - Happily Retired

Dilute Red

Coo, now retired, is the Ranch's resident comedian. Always good for a laugh her unique charisma will steal your heart and make your cheeks hurt with laughter. Coo has a sound for everything and has an uncanny way of telling you just what she wants in any given moment. She sounds like a goose, looks like a bear cub, and acts like a boo. 
Birthday: February 15th, 2015 

In memory: Causeway

Forever a good boi

Causeway brought cheer, humor, and curiosity into the room whenever he entered. He was fiercely loyal. To those who have his puppies, you know his courage, joy, and overwhelming exuberance. You carry a piece of Long Long Ranch that cannot be recovered. He lives on with you now. Rest in Peace - we miss you every day.​

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