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Long Long Ranch is a hive of activity and has so much to offer!

Pet Photography

Book your pupper a portrait session with Justin, the Ranch photographer.

Dachshunds asleep on the sofa
Pet Boarding

Expect a warm welcome, a clean and comfortable environment, and lots of attention. 

Prints & Gifts

Our shop has a variety of prints and gifts that embody the special quirky life of a dachshund. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 12.29.04
Personalized Messages

The weens want to send you or a friend a personalized video message to celebrate a special occasion, or just for fun!

Experience the Ranch

Spend a couple hours festooned in languidly lounging long dogs. You may arrive a stranger but will leave one of the pack.

Doxie Dash The Game

 Dash into action with this card game featuring the Long Long Ranch weens. Tread the line between order and chaos as you poo, horde, lick, and dash your way to victory.

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