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How we do things around here

Many curious buyers often ask us what it's like here at the Ranch. So we thought we would share some of the finer details with you to give you a fuller picture of what life is like here for our dogs and our pups.


All of our dogs and puppies live inside with us, no barns or outbuildings for our crew! On top of lots of warm snuggly places to relax and rest inside the home we get to enjoy a huge fenced backyard full of grass to dig holes in, gardens to get muddy in, and nooks and cranny's to explore! At night the crew all take turns sleeping in the big human bed and sleeping in pairs in large clean crates.


They eat raw mostly, but we do use high quality kibble occasionally. They get snacks of veggies, treats of all sorts, green tripe, etc.


Along with regular veterinary care we have our veterinarian screen our dogs for the OFA recommended health concerns and get genetic health and colour traits done by Embark. The information we get from their results drives our breeding choices, and who is in the program.

Screening can only due so much, so we try our best to stay in contact with all of our pups to get a full picture of their health as well. If a health issue arises in one of our puppies we take immediate action and retire the parents.

Whelping: Mothers start breeding at around 2 years of age. Each mother will have between 1 and 5 litters depending on the individual's needs. But often they are retired early, between 3 and 4 litters. If they are healthy and everything is going as expected they will have pups every 1+ years.

When we are expecting pups, mothers are never left alone. We are with them for support and care the whole time. When needed we use veterinary care to make sure that everyone is safe and as comfortable as possible.