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Updated: Mar 21, 2018

Finding a trusted source of dried dog food is challenging. We've changed brands a few times over the years as new information about the manufacturer is revealed. Each time thinking that we are making a great choice for our dogs.

The pet food industry is complicated, under regulated, and heavily marketed. We switched to Orijen dry pet food over a year ago and have been very happy with their product. We recently learned that Orijen has come under fire in the US because of claims of higher than expected levels of heavy metals and BPA in the food. The company is facing a law suit in three states as a result.

So we of course started digging. What we found is not all that surprising, but worth sharing all the same. Orijen and its parent company Champion Pet Foods was entirely based in Canada. Until recently all of their food production happened in Alberta, Canada in a EU quality FDA approved facility called North Star Kitchens.

But they made a change. They moved their US pet food production to Kentucky. Opening a new kitchen there. They began using US meats and ingredients and many US consumers claim to have seen a drop in quality after their move.

Thankfully up here in the Great White North Orijen pet food is still made in Alberta. We will not be switching foods at this point, but will be watching closely as the law suit proceeds. Champion Pet Foods so far has been communicating publicly on their social media pages about the suit, so we will be checking in regularly to see what happens.


Look for a dog food that is high in protein (30% or more) and fat (18% or more). The first ingredient should be a whole meat product. Made in a country with a high regulatory standard is also a huge plus.

Websites like offer excellent resources for the conscious buyer. Their piece about dog food is informative and scrutinizing. So have a look at it and see for yourself.

Read the article.

In the case of the article, you will only see Orijen Tundra Formula on their approved list. Why is this one ok and the other formulas not on the list? Our guess is because Tundra is the only formula available in the US that is still manufactured in Canada.


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