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Starts at $100

For a 1 hour session

Pet Portraits

We know that pets are not just the animals we live with, they are important members of the family with a lot to give. They greet you each day with love in their eyes, and a wag in their tail. We also understand that photographing pets can create lasting impressions that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Our photographer, Justin MacDonald, is a fine arts graduate of NSCAD University. There he studied illustration, drawing, painting, and photography. His fine arts experience, as well as many years working in the field, inform photographs that are filled with life and vitality. He captures the essence of the animals he photographs, making for portraits that are as unique as their subjects.


Rates start at only $100 for a session. For this, you can expect a full hour with you and your pet at the location of your choosing, editing, and the delivery of the final album. We are also happy to offer printing services as needed.

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