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A place that feels like home.

Located in beautiful Hantsport, Nova Scotia, Long Long Ranch offers dog boarding services specifically tailored to the needs and wants of small dogs.

$35 per day for one ween  |  $60 per day for two weens.

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The Environment

Boarding on the Ranch does not happen in a kennel environment. Instead, we open our home up to your dog, as though they were one of our family pets. Here they can expect a warm welcome, a clean and comfortable space, and lots of time in. We don't have staff here at the Ranch, we have family that will help your dog feel at ease while apart from you.

Tailored to Small Dogs

In order to allow for the best possible experience for our guests, we are focused on offering services to small dogs exclusively, with the occassional exception. Our reasoning? Small dogs when together have a flow and ease of play that changes with larger dogs are present. So we find that by keeping things small, we create a more relaxed environment for our guests. If you have multiple dogs, some large and some small, we can certainly discuss boarding your larger dogs as well in order to keep them together while you're away. 

Play Time

We have mini dachshunds at home who just love meeting and playing with new dogs. Visitors can expect extended games of chase, fetch, pull, and sniff. Much sniffing is to be expected. Your dog is sure to come home happy, and a little tired from playing so much with her new friends.

Sleep Time

When it's time for bed your dog will be given the choice of a comfortable private place to sleep or welcomed to join us at the foot of our bed. It can be stressful being away from you, so we like to make sure your dog is comfortable and not isolated. Each dog is different, and as we get to know yours, we help him get comfortable in the best way for him. 

Staying Connected

We feel that it's important to stay connected to your pet during her stay at the Ranch. You can expect to see lots of pictures of our furry guests on our instagram throughout their stay. Owners are also be more than welcome to skype or facetime with us so you and your dog can see one another over the course of your absence.

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